Today, I want to share a story that has been a pivotal moment in our journey at Skandia Kollektiv Extension Lounge. It’s a story about integrity, the value of high-quality hair, and the opportunities that arise from personal experiences.

The Beginning – Embracing Natural Beaded Rows Extensions

When I first heard about Natural Beaded Rows Extensions (NBR), I couldn’t contain my excitement. NBR™ promised the perfect blend of natural-looking extensions that not only mimicked real hair but also felt like it. However, what truly captured my attention was the exceptional quality of ISLA™ hand-tied hair that accompanied NBR™.

As a hairstylist, it’s essential for me to understand the client experience fully. So, I eagerly booked an appointment as a regular paying client to undergo the complete NBR™ experience without any shortcuts.

A Shocking Discovery – The Importance of Integrity

Arriving at the appointment, I was initially thrilled. But, during my time in the salon, I noticed something unsettling. Despite my close relationship with the stylists, they attempted to take advantage of me by charging full price for the experience while using an entirely different hair company – Laced Hair Extensions.

This revelation was disheartening. I believed I was investing in a premium, luxury experience, only to discover that corners had been cut to maximize profits, including the use of Laced Hair Extensions.

A Turning Point – Seizing a New Opportunity with Integrity

This experience ignited a fire within me. I realized that the lack of integrity in my initial experience was one of the reasons I am so passionate about consistency, authenticity, and integrity today. I knew that there had to be a standard of luxury and integrity in the industry, one that we were determined to establish at Skandia Kollektiv Extension Lounge.

I made a solemn vow to exclusively use ISLA™ hand-tied hair as our choice of hair to uphold the level of luxury we promise to our guests, eliminating Laced Hair Extensions from our offerings. Why ISLA™, you ask? ISLA™, NBR’s signature exclusive line, stands out as the most luxurious natural hair line available. Its integrity and consistency are unparalleled. The hair retains its quality, color, and texture, ensuring that our clients enjoy a premium experience that lasts.

A New Standard – Join the ISLA™ Experience

I firmly believe that our commitment to using ISLA™ hair should be the norm in the industry, leaving behind subpar options like Laced Hair Extensions. Who wants hair that sheds quickly, loses color, quality, and tangles? We are dedicated to providing our guests with a hair extension experience that exceeds their expectations in every way. See why Skandia Kollektiv provides the most sought-after hair extensions.

If you’re ready to experience the beauty and luxury of Natural Beaded Rows Extensions with the ISLA™ hand-tied hair, I invite you to apply to be our guest. Join us in setting a new standard of excellence, integrity, and opulence at Skandia Kollektiv Extension Lounge. Your journey to luxurious, long-lasting extensions begins here.

Apply today and embrace the ISLA experience with us. Let’s create a world where integrity and exceptional quality define the beauty industry, leaving Laced Hair Extensions in the past.

Learn more about ISLA Hand-Tied Hair Extensions.

With warm regards,
Britta Van Boerum Owner, Skandia Kollektiv Extension Lounge


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