Luxury Skandia Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Introducing Skandia Kollektiv Hand-Tied Hair Extensions, the ultimate solution to achieving enviable volume. Designed to seamlessly blend with your natural hair, our hand-tied hair extensions offer a transformation that’s as stunning as it is natural-looking. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these extensions provide a comfortable, lightweight feel while offering maximum coverage and a flawless finish. Whether you desire extra length, added thickness, or a dynamic burst of color, Skandia hand-tied extensions offer endless possibilities for creating your dream hairstyle. Elevate your confidence and embrace a new level of beauty.

Skandia hand-tied hair extensions are offered in three lengths, three textures, and 18 colors. 18″ in silky straight, 22” in silky straight, beach wave, and curly, and 24” in silky straight, beach wave, and curly.

Unmatched Quality

Skandia Hand-Tied hair is a weft-type of Remy hair used in the NBR™ method. “Remy” means all hair faces the same direction, helping prevent matting and tangling as each strand flows in the same direction. The Remy hair line is known for it’s high-quality, with the life-span of the hair lasting significantly longer than other brands. This hair line is most sought-after by industry professionals installed exclusively by NBR™ certified artists.


While numerous hair brands promote the use of human hair, they often mix synthetic fibers and a silicone coating that partially gives a seemingly silky and voluminous look. However, this facade is susceptible to deterioration from heat and chemical exposure, resulting in a very short lifespan. Skandia, in contrast, exclusively uses Remy 100% human hair made of the utmost quality. This choice guarantees durability and is the pinnacle of authenticity and excellence that we’re known for.


Hand-tied extensions cover more surface area on your head, which results is a natural and seamless look. When we professionally apply the extensions, they are impossible to tell apart from your natural hair. To preserve the integrity and quality of the hair extensions, only those who have undergone the proper training to correctly apply the wefts using the NBR™ Method can install this luxurious style of hair extensions.

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