What is The NBR™ Method?

The NBR™ method is known for its incredible ability to mimic the way hair naturally grows, allowing for easy styling, maintenance, and a realistic look. The extensions are customizable in terms of color, length, and volume, making them the most sought-after choice for individuals looking to enhance their hair’s appearance. The NBR™ method has become the most desired among women who seek a balance between a stunning aesthetic and health of their own hair. Learn more about why NBR™ is far superior to Laced Extensions.

Top 6 Reasons Why NBR™ Method is the Most Desired

1. The Customization

We’ll create your perfect look, and customize the color, length and volume, followed by a flawless install and style. 

2. The Comfort

With the NBR™ method, beaded points of contact are distributed for a stronger hold, without pulling all of your natural hair.

3. They’re Lightweight

Unlike other extensions, the NBR™ method strategically attaches to beaded rows without any bulky wefts or heavy bonding.

4. Safe & Seamless

With less contact points, the extensions seamlessly blend for a natural look, without causing damage to your natural hair.

5. They Won’t Slip Out

Live an active lifestyle if you wish! No one will know you have extensions! The beaded rows are incredibly secure.

6. No Tape or Glue

The ingenious design of the NBR™ method, allows install within a few hours, & removal within minutes. It’s a painless process.

The NBR™ Process

What sets us apart from other NBR™ salons, is that our entire staff is not only certified in the NBR™ method, but either licensed or in the program to become licensed. (A licensed artist is when the certified stylists goes through a 12 month+ program to become an expert in NBR™. ) This education includes one-on-one coaching, daily feedback, and focused insights on perfecting their NBR™ ability. If you’re looking for the best hair extensions in Utah, schedule a complimentary consultation with us. 

Application / Consultation

In order to customize your NBR™ experience, we need to know more about you, your current hair and your goals. We’ll have you fill out an application where you will upload a few photos of your current hair. You’ll have a phone consultation where we will go over your application, answer any questions, and get you scheduled. This consultation is with a licensed NBR™ artist who will answer any questions. You will also receive a customized quote for everything before moving forward.

Color / Sectioning

Before you arrive to your appointment, your stylist will prep and custom color the ISLA™ extensions needed to achieve your desired result. When you arrive, the stylist will then customize your natural hair and your extension hair even further, to help ensure a seamless blend between your natural hair and the ISLA extensions. 

We’ll start by sectioning out your rows for the unique and strategic placement of NBR™. NBR™ is placed in a way that allows for maximum fullness, protects your fragile hair, and also allows for high pony styles. You be able to wear your hair up, as well. 

Beadwork / Placement

Once your sectioning is perfected and customized, we’ll begin beading. Using beads and string (no glue or tape) to create the foundation of the extension track. Using minimal points of contact and purposeful placement we bead your whole row. This is where you’ll experience the magic of the NBR™ method! (The minimal points of contact allow for ultimate comfort when the extensions are installed.)

After beading the row, we customize your row by strategically placing color wefts on the track of the extensions.

Stitch / Install

Once the extensions are placed, we stitch them to the beaded rows so they are snug, flat and comfortable. With the NBR method, the extensions become seamless once they are installed, and give you that natural look that you’re looking for. No one will know you have extensions, unless you show them! Unlike other extensions, they’re not bulky at all. Experience a lightweight and fullness like never before.

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Cut / Style / Photos

After installing all of your extensions, we customize your hair by cutting layers and texturing your hair, which allows the extensions to mirror your natural hair, so it’s blended perfectly.

To compete the look, we style your hair to fit your personality, using one of our signature styles – The Kollektiv Kurl, SK Seven Day Curls or our Blowout Luxury Bounce.

We love to document your hair progress and transformation by getting a couple photos of your new extensions are installed.

Frequently asked questions

How many rows do I need?
  • One row is just for thickness and volume.
  • Two rows is for thickness, volume and length.
  • Three rows for thickness, volume, length and to blend in short layers or a blunt cut.
How often is maintenance?

Maintenance appointments are generally every 6-8 weeks and includes all color and treatment necessary to achieve your extension blend. We will move up your extensions, and the entire process is painless.  

Do extensions damage natural hair?

There is little to no damage as long as they are cared for properly. This makes NBR™ a great option for those with thin, fine and fragile hair.

Can I wash, brush or blow dry my hair?

Yes! This is another pro vs. tape-in extensions. Tape-in extensions sometimes get loose if you brush them while they’re wet, so you want to make sure those types of extensions are always dried after washing. With the NBR™ method you can let your hair air-dry or you can blow-dry, then style and brush away! These will not pull loose as long as you are using a flexible bristle brush (think wet brush).

NBR Initial Install Pricing 

Pricing may vary depending on your goals, in which we can give you a custom quote during your phone consultation.

18 Inches

  • One Row: $1500 – $2000
  • Two Rows: $1900 – $2300
  • Three Rows: $2200 – $2650

22 Inches

  • One Row: $2200 – $2500
  • Two Rows: $2305 – $2750
  • Three Rows: $2500 – $3150

24 Inches

  • One Row: $2350 – $2,700
  • Two Rows: $3400 – $3,800
  • Three Rows: $4100 – $4,450


  • One Row: $450 – $600
  • Two Rows: $550 – $750
  • Three Rows: $625 – $840
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